About Photographer

1958 He was born in Elazig.
1976 – 1980 His journalism and photojournalism career started between those years. His first exhibition was in 1982, Ankara.
In 1983, Yalcin began to work in the field advertisingphotography at his own studio in Ankara. In the meantime, he focused on the concept of “Nature” and the “Anatolia” for his work. Also, he made “Tourism and Promotion” subjectedshootings.
In 1986, Yalcin received his most meaningful award called “Custom Photo Award” from Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.
Yalcin established many personal exhibitions within the country and abroad. He was participated in many exhibitions andcinevision shows. Also, he was a member of the selective committees.
Yalcin’s Ankara themed solo exhibition brought quite an echo in Moscow, Islamabad, Seoul, Nicosia, Shanghai and Strasbourg.
The most important art project of Hamit Yalcin, “Leaving Footprints into the Eternity”, was first opened in February 2006, in Ankara. This project was also displayed during the Izmir International Art days in 2008, Izmir. In 2008, his exhibition of “Dance of the Cultures, and, Leaving Footprints into the Eternity” in Paris brought quite an attention and he has been proposed to be a part of the UNESCO exhibition for the future.In June 2012, the same exhibition opened in Fameck, as well as in Strasbourg and Luxemburg later on. There are future plans of presenting same exhibition in Moscow and New York. Yalcinshowed an exhibition in the annually Fameck Film Festival in2013. This time, he presented the exhibition named as “Colors of Anatolia” to the art loves of France.
Yalcin’s interviews and hundred of his photos have beenpublished in many magazines, newspapers, TV, books and other publications. The most well known publications among all of them is his monthly photo editorials for the Skylife and Anatolia Jet Magazine.
Yalcin is the director of the monthly magazine titled “Anatolia Photos” and chairman of the corporate association called Association of Anatolian Photos.
Besides Hamit Yalcin’s professional identity, he also supports an amateur sprit and excitement of the developing Anatolia and Turkish photography and puts effort for gain respect for Turkish photography internationally.



Now Opened

Brand new music studio in Ankara



Colors of Anatolia in Ecuador

The exhibition was opened in first of June 2014. Hamit Yalçın showed the culture and the colours of Anatolia to the Ecuador people.

Fenerbahçe Anıtkabir

1 million Fenerbahce supporters walked through the Anıtkabir for justice. Hamit Yalçın set his cameras in 3 different angels and shouted for couple hours. And the classic Fenerbahce march is re-arrenged by misuc office. Enjoy